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Modernizing your Oracle EBS UI to increase productivity!

10 Dec, 2021 by Shefali Sharma
It’s the same old story.

Your employees are looking at their screen and trying to pull up a report on recent vendor payments but are perturbed that they won’t finish their work on time. Productivity is down, as they experience slow screens and poor responsiveness. There are multiple windows to jump through to access what you need. Not to mention, trying to fix something often results in Error 153’s. These are just some of the common UI issues your employees may have faced recently with the EBS suite.

Why should you care?

The world has changed since Covid-19 has affected all our lives. We are endlessly on Zoom, no set working hours and smartphones are beeping with notifications throughout the day, leading to digital fatigue. Constant clicking over multiple screens, repetitive views and no ‘undo ‘button adds to the fatigue. The user is always at odds with software that is supposed to help them work better.

Companies are looking to build competitive advantage within these new business dynamics, then, as we move to a new future, we must be responsible for creating processes that will support our employees, not hinder their progress. Being Agile isn’t about a framework, it is about valuing individuals and interactions as well as processes and tools. That is the key – both the process and the individual. Modernizing the process, will result in a more positive employee, resulting in increased productivity.

How would you do this?

The critical issue is that customizing the Oracle EBS UI components can take months! It is also complicated trying to tweak built-in Oracle EBS functionality to match your existing business processes. The Oracle EBS UI is not yet 100% responsive to modern devices and a work is yet to be done to fix this because we don’t want to force the employee to not use their favorite devices! All of this together with the additional costs, makes it difficult to justify continuing along the current Oracle EBS path, especially with its clunky UI. Add to this, if you want the ability to combine data from other enterprise applications on the same screens, then this solution is for you.

We are CloudIO. A Xoriant company specializing in providing our clients with a solution automating workflows and data aggregation from disparate enterprise applications and a rich UI for a user friendly and intuitive user experience. Using our services, means that you will be able to setup a process that will result in less wasted time for your employees, resulting in more productivity and less digital fatigue. We also continuously invest in innovation and research, resulting in better and more effective UI/UX.

Using our CloudIO Solution allows you to keep your Oracle EBS the way it is but offer you a much better UI for both screens and reports, tapping into your existing data and workflows, resulting in no loss of investment and an increase in worker productivity.

Like in the case of our client Komori , a printing solution manufacturing giant with a global presence. They were seeking a solution that would allow them to continue using on-premise Oracle EBS while modernizing and unifying the UX. CloudIO empowered Komori’s Oracle EBS users with rich UX and access to legacy systems and multi-source data through intuitive and actionable reports and dashboards. Komori got the best of both worlds- embellishing legacy applications in their current ecosystem while preserving critical business processes.

Watch what Andy Katz, Director of Information Technology at Komori has to say about his experience with CloudIO.

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